The original intention

«(...) Who first had the idea of creating Portugal, and of diverting the Knights Templars to this task, is unknown. We do know from the monastic chronicles of Burgundy from brother Irénée Valery-Radot´s authoritative biography of Saint Bernard, that the original intention was to create a new, model Christian nation on the western flank of Islam. It was to stretch from the River Minho in the north of Iberia, southwards to what is now Agadir in Southern Morocco, just north of Sahara desert. Three centuries later, When portugal has became the richest nation in Europe, is was the lasting desire to fulfil Saint Bernard´s plan, by conquering Morocco, that led to the most calamitous downfall in the nation´s history and to two generations of servitude to the Spanish rule.(...)»

Martin Page
The first global village



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Al Zawahiri obsesionado con España


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